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Sell Herbal Extracts

Posted at: Offers to Sell and Export | Posted on: Wed 16 May, 2007 12:01 am | Product Category: Spices or extracts [3401]
herbal extracts
Products Photos CatalogHerbal Extracts Photos Catalog

1 Aloe P.E.

Specification : 100:1,200:1

Aloe is a perennial fleshy plant belonging to the

lily family. There are over 500 species under the aloe genus, some over 20m in height while others just 10cm tall for desk decoration. Aloe takes various shapes in growing with flowers in different colors and leaves with various features. These diversities enable aloe to serve various purposes of their growers so it is favored by many people. In English the nomenclature of this plant is Aloe, which was derived from the Arabic word ALLOEH, meaning?? Bitter and lustrous?? Some of the aloe species are attractive in shape with thick leaves, serving multipurposes such as medical treatment, beauty improving, health care and decoration. So many functions simply made aloe a mysterious plant. A review of aloe??s origin and history of application is necessary for us to better understand the plant.

2 Angelica P.E.

Specification : Ferulic Acid 1%

The principal ingredient in the active substance extracted from angelica sinensis, is type of Agaricaceae called Ferulic Acid. In ancient times, it was widely taken as blood tonic, used to treat irregular menstrual cycles and pain, serious blood loss after childbirth or during the menstrual period ,and depression and anxiety during the menstrual cycle. To this day , women in Asian countries still use the traditional medicine to regulate menstrual cycles. International medical circles are now paying much attention to the effects of Ferulic Acid.

3 Astragalus P.E.

Specification : Polysaccharides 20-70% , Astragalosides 0.3%

This herbal extract has proven effective in healing infections. Research in America has shown that Asragalus increases the number of T-cells in cancer patients to normal levels. Therefore, it is more effective in treatment of cancer in conjunction with chemotherapy.

4 Balsam pear P.E.

Specification : Charantin 10%(UV)30:1

Bitter Gourd is one of the most popular vegetables in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, India and the Philippines. Bitter Gourd, also called Bitter Melon, has an acquired taste. The plant is grown mainly for the immature fruits although the young leaves and tips are edible. Bitter Melon seed has hard skin and needs warm/moist soil conditions during germination. It may fail or take a long time to germiante if the soil temperature is too low. Bitter Melon is a long-season, high-humidity and warm-climate vine plant and needs to grow along supports.

5 Bilberry fruit P.E.

Specification : Anthocyanin 25%

Bilberry is also commonly known as blueberries. This product is especially popular with European and American customers because of its rich nutritional &#118alue and particular effects. The principal ingredient, anthocyanidin, comes in extract amounts up to 25%. Traditionally, it is believed to benefit vision significantly, it also promotes porphyropsin regeneration that night vision needs. Besides, bilberry can improve agraphia resulting from visual illness and visual fatigue. Currently, bilberry extract is widely used in health care products concerning vision and the cardio-cerebral vascular system. Suitable for treating retinopathy, cataracts, glaucoma, yellow spot decline and hemorrhoidal pastille resulting from diabetes.

6 Black cohosh P.E.

Specification : Triterpenoid Saponins 2.5%~8%

Black cohosh contains several important ingredients, including triterpene glycosides(e.g., acetin and cimicifugoside) and isoflavones(e.g., formononetin).Other constituents include aromatic acids, tannins, resins, fatty acids, starches, and sugars. Formononetin is the active element in the herb that binds to estrogen receptor sites, inducing an estrogen-like activity in the body. As a woman approaches menopause, the signals between the ovaries and pituitary gland diminish, slowing down estrogen production and increasing luteinizing hormone(LH)secretions. Hot flashes can result from these hormonal changes. Clinical studies from Germany have demonstrated that an alcohol extract of black cohosh decreases LH secretions in menopausal women.

7 Cactus P.E.

Specification : 12:1 , 20:1

Nopal flowers and leaves (pads) may be used topically to treat skin conditions such as burns, cuts, insect bites, rashes, scrapes, and sunburn. A solution made from nopal flowers has an astringent action, which means that it shrinks and tightens the top layers of skin, thereby reducing secretions, relieving irritation, and improving tissue firmness. The leaves may be split open and the cut side applied directly to irritated skin. Not only does the juice have an astringent action, similar to the leaf solution, it is sticky, so it seals and protects the broken skin.

8 Echinacea purpurea P.E.

Specification : Total polyphenols 4.0%

Echinacea, a flower native to North America ,which has been widely used as a common herbal remedy by Native American Tribes for treating and preventing colds, flu and infections. There are 3 different Echinacea species (purpurea, angustifolia and pallida)-each of which possess various concentrations of active compounds in different parts of each plant. In Europe, Echinacea preparations are primarily used to stimulate the immune system and "help the body resist common cold infections affecting the throat and nasal passages."

Echinacea extracts have been shown to stimulate the growth and activity of cells of the immune system such as macrophages, natural killer cells, T-cells. Such activation of protective mechanisms is thought to increase the body's defenses to infection by bacteria and viruses.

9 Epimedium P.E.

Specification : Icariin 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40%

In asia, Epimedium Brevicornum maxim has been used on treating fatigue and boosing gender drive for a long history since 16th. It si used in the therapy of impotence, seminal emission, weakness of the limbs; rheumatic or rheumatoid arthralgia with numbness and muscle contracture ,and climacteric hypertension.

10 Garlic P.E.

Specification : Allicin 1%

Garlic is mentioned in the Bible and the Talmud. Hippocrates, Galen, Pliny the Elder, and Dioscorides all mention the use of garlic for a large number of conditions, including parasites, respiratory problems, poor digestion, and low energy. Its use in China was first mentioned inA.D.510.Louis Pasteur confirmed the antibacterial action of garlic in 1858.

11 Ginkgo biloba P.E.

Specification : Flavones>24%, Lactones>6%

The effective ingredients in the extract are flavones and terpenes .the prepatations made of the extract have obvious effect on curing cardio-cerebral vasecular diseases and respiratory disease such as coronary disease, angina pectoris, cardiac infarction, cerebral coronary thrombembolia. Meanwhile, it is widely used as the additive in health care products, foods, beverages and cosmetics etc.

12 Grape seed P.E.

Specification : Proanthocyanidins 95%

Grapes are rich in antioxidants, with an extra-ordinary class of bioflavnoids called proanthocyanidins that are even more powerful than vitamins E and C! Other antioxidant helpers promote cellular health and help combat pollutants, food additives and other contaminants.

13 Green tea P.E.

Specification : polyphenols 80%

Green tea is known for its high content of vitamins and minerals. Green tea contains ascorbic acid(vitamin C) in amounts comparable to a lemon. It also contains several B bitamins which are water soluble and released quickly. Green tea also contains fluoride, which helps fight tooth decay.

Recent scientific studies have shown that green tea may reduce the risk of many chronic health problems. The natural chemical compounds in tea called polyphenols, have been studied for their health benefits. Polyphenols also give tea its characteristic astringency. The primary polyphenols found in teas are called catechins, which make up 30-40% of the dry weight of tea. Polyphenols are reported to suppress cancer producing cells, increase our natural detoxification defenses, and lower blood pressure.

14 Gynostemma pentaphyllum P.E.

Specification : Gypenosides 40%, 80%, 95%

Although it has been used to treat a wide range of diseases in its native areas of China, gynostemma has been studied most for its effects on the heart and blood vessels. Gynostemma may have a direct strengthening effect on the heart, possibly causing the heart to beat more powerfully. It may also have a number of secondary cardiovascular effects, such as reducing the stickiness of blood components called platelets. Created in the bone marrow, platelets circulate in the blood. In a process called "platelet aggregation", they stick to injured tissue, beginning the blood clotting process and promoting wound healing. Gynostemma's potential reduction in platelet aggregation may help to reduce the build up of plaques in blood vessels. Plaques are accumulations of fats and blood cells that may lead to heart attacks or strokes if blood flow becomes restricted. In addition, gynostemma has been shown in laboratory studies to widen blood vessels -- an effect that may both lower blood pressure and reduce the workload on the heart. Some evidence suggests that gynostemma also contains chemicals that may lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

15 Huperzia serrata P.E.

Specification : Huperzin-A 1%, 5%, 98%

It is the active ingredient extracted from huprzia settata(lycopodium serraum),originated in China. Our factory originates the most advanced technology at home ,which separates and refines the ingredient, the purity of which amounts to more than 98%. It is new compound with high efficacy and low toxicity, which can cinhaibit elastic choline esterase. Besides, it is the new medicine curing senile dementia, ratified by the health ministry. It cnaimprove the benignant memoty disorder, associable study, image recall, meaningless pattern recognition and human portrait remembrance ,and memory disorder resulting from the dementia and cerebral diseases.

16 Kudzu P.E.

Specification : Isoflavones40%, 60%, 80%, 90%

The primary chemical constituents of Kudzu include starch, isofllavonoids, puerarin, daidzein, and phytoestrogens. Kudzu Root is high in isoflavones, such as daidzein, as well as isoflavone glycosides, such as daidzin and puerarin. Depending on its growing conditions, the total isoflavone content varies from2~12%,with puerarin in the highest concentration, followed by daidzin and daidzein. It has some demulcent properties, making it useful for thirst and dryness. Also, the flowers have been shown to be effective in lessening the desire for alcohol, and thus are used in the treatment of alcoholism. This herb also helps counteract poisons.

17 Marigold P.E.

Specification : lutein10%, 20%

Even though oral forms of calendula(gold marigold) have not been proven effective in studies, they have been used historically to treat stomach irritation and ulcers. It is believed that calendula may have some antispasmodic action, so it has also been used to relieve menstrual cramps. Calendula does have a high content of flavonoids, chemicals that act as antioxidants in the body. Antioxidants are thought to protect body cells from damage caused by a chemical process called oxidation. Oxidation produces oxygen free radicals, natural chemicals that may suppress immune function. This effect may enhance immune function in general, but more studies are needed for all the possible oral uses of calendula.

18 Milk thistle P.E.

Specification : silymarin 80%(UV), Silibinin 30%(HPLC)

Milk thistle is known for its stimulating effect on liver cells , improving the liver's functioning and stabilizing the cells and cell membranes. Effective in the treatment of chronic hepatitis , hepatargy, and cirrhosis.

19 Panax quinguefolium P.E.

Specification : General Ginsenosides 6%, 8%, 10%

Panax quinguefolium (American ginseng) is a rare herbal medicine. With cations of nourishing the lungs and purging the evil fire, tonifying the stomachs and promoting secretion, it can be used for cough-caused lung failure, asthenic fever and restlessness, as well as insufficient body fluid . so it is a ginseng tonic of extremely high graed, regular use of which can promote the metabolism. It will have a marked effect on the kidneys and hearts, and on the elder's dizziness, as well as cataract and diabetes.

20 Polygonum cospidatum P.E.

Specification : Tans-Resveratrol 50%

Giant knotweed rhizome along with root belonging to polygonum, pdygonaceae is a kind of perennial herb. It tastes bitter with cool character, following is its application: 1promoting blood circulation and relieving pain in menopause, Arthralgia due to wind-cold-dampness and traumatic injury; 2 clearing away pathogenic heat and dampness in moist heat ICT and leukorrhagia;3 clearing away heat and expelling toxin in scald, sore and carbuncle as well as snakebite.4 stopping coughing and resolving phlegm in curing the lung heat.5 clearing away heat and loosing the bowels in caring the constipation resulting from heat.

21 Red clover P.E.

Specification : Isoflavones 20%, 40%(HPLC)

Red clover extract is dark brown powder. It singly contains the four rich, balanced isoflavones with high estrogen. It can prevent adenocarcinoma of breast, prostatic carcinoma and carcinoma of colon, improve osteoporosis and mehopausal syndrome obviously. Besides, it is widely used in health care products. It contains scarcely any heat capacity. Nor can it fat persons. After digestion and metabolism, Formononetin turns into genistein, raising the active isoflavones in blood.

22 Red yeast rice

Specification : lovastatin 0.4%~2.0%(HPLC)

Contain lovastatin 0.4%~2.0% and GABA 0.1%~1.0%

Main efficacy :

1. lower blood lipid;

2. reinforce the function of brain, help cure impediment in memory and language;

3. lower blood pressure;

4. snoothe the nerves and stabilize moods;

5. reduce fear

23 Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge P.E.

Specification : Tanshinone IIA 20~98%

Salvia miltiorrhiza Bunge (Danshen) is used for circulation problems, ischemic stroke, angina pectoris, and other cardiovascular diseases. It is also used orally for menstrual problems, chronic hepatitis, abdominal masses, insomnia due to palpitations and tight chest, acne, psoriasis, eczema, and other skin conditions. Danshen is also used orally to relieve bruising and to aid in wound healing.

24 Semen cassiae P.E.

Specification : 5:1, 10:1

Semen Cassiae Obtusioliae Slightly rhomboidal-cuboid or shortly cylindrical, both ends pararell and oblique, 3~7 mm long, 2~4 mm wide. Externally greenish-brown or dark brown, smooth and lustrous. One end relatively even, the other end oblique and acuminate, dorsal and ventral surfaces exhibiting a raised rib respectively, with an obliquely symmetrical and paler-coloured dented line on each side of a rib. Texture hard and uneasily broken. Testa thin, cotyledons 2, yellow, S-shaped. Odour, slight; taste, slightly bitter.

25 Soybean P.E.

Specification : isoflavones 5~95%

The term "soy" is used to refer to many products derived from the soybean. Soy extracts contain a high amount of chemical compounds called isofllavones, which possess weak estrogen-like effects. The isoflavone have been associated with a wide variety of beneficial health effects including protection from cancer and osteoporosis to reduction in hot flashes and other symptoms of menopause.

Under conditions of high estrogen exposure, which may promote certain, theisoflaone compounds tend to block the adverse effects of low estrogen exposure, such as during menopause, the isoflavones tend to act as weak estrogens, which may be just enough to help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with menopause, such as hot flashes, headaches and mood swings.

26 St. johnís wort P.E.

Specification : hypericin0.3%(HPLC)

St. John's wort has been used traditionally as an herbal treatment for anxiety and depression. It is an effective astringent that promotes wound healing and has antiviral properties that can counter herpes simples, flu viruses and is being investigated as a treatment for acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

27 Tomata P.E.

Specification : lycopene10%, 20% (powder)

The active ingredient of tomato is lycopene, a kind of carotene. It is the elemental nutriment in human body with good physiological effect. (1) Of all carotenoids, it is the strongest Anti-oxidation agent; (2) it can cure prostatic hyperplasia and prevent porstasic cancer.(3) it can remove the toxic materials resulting from automobile and tobacco;(4) it can activate immunocytes. In a shot, lycopene with good health care effect is more proming than any other carotenoids. Therefore ,it is becoming the new popular subject in the international market regarding the health care product researches

28 White willow P.E.

Specification : Diosgenine 15%,25%

White willow bark has a long history of use for reducing fever and pain. It was also used to treat inflammation by the ancient Egyptians. Nativ Americans are thought to have steeped willow bark in tea as a remedy for relief to fevers. More than100 years ago, its active ingredient salicin was identified. White willow bark is a source of salicin and other salicylates compounds, which are similar in structure to aspirin(acetyl salicylic acid).


Dendrobim micro-powder (>200 mesh)

Dendrobium nobile extract 5:1 powder (80 mesh)

Cordyceps millitaris fruit body micro-powder(>200 mesh)

Agaricus blazei tablet

Spirulina tablet

DongCao TiePi pill (health care)

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