Social duties

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Society members perform a number of customary social duties. When someone comes back from a trip, his relatives, friends, and neighbors will drop by to greet him. The same happens when someone is ill and confined to his home or staying in a hospital. Everyone will visit him to give moral support, check on him, and keep him company to ease his stay. When visiting an ill person, visitors will usually bring food, chocolate, or fruits, and occasionally flowers. Even when someone is ill and staying at the hospital, his sons, closest relatives, or friends will show hospitality to visitors by serving them refreshments or coffee and chocolate.

When two people get married, their relatives, friends, and neighbors will bring gifts, which are usually either money or something that is useful for the newly- established home. When a woman has a new baby, her relatives, friends, and neighbors visit her to congratulate her and to present her with gifts. The father of the new baby is also visited by his relatives, friends, and neighbors to congratulate him. The mother of the new baby will usually spend the first 40 days after the delivery in her family house, where she will be taken care of by her mother and sisters.

The Arabian culture is detail oriented. Ethics and expected social behaviors, like generosity, respect, and caring, are not only definitions but are translated into customs and social duties. On all the occasions I have listed in the previous paragraph, there are customary sentences to be said which correspond with the occasion.

The following are some of the sayings and their meanings:

  • When visiting an ill person: "Maa Teshoof Sharr, Ajer Waafia In Shaa Allah": I pray that you don't see harm, and by god's will it will be added points to you with god and you will be cured.
  • When visiting someone who returned from a trip: "Al Hamdo Lillah Ala Al Salamah": I thank god for bringing you back safe.
  • When visiting someone who has a new baby: "Yetrabba Be Ezzekum, Waa Allah Yajaluhoh Min El Thorriah Al Salehah": May he/she (the new baby) be raised in your goodness and may god make him/her be a good son/daughter.
  • When visiting someone who is getting married: "Mabrook": Congratulations.
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