Dewaniah, the gathering place

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In every Arabian house, especially in the GCC region, there is a room called "Dewaniah" or "Majlis" for guests gatherings. Most of these Dewaniahs are for male visitors only.

The Dewaniah is usually located close to the outside main entrance, away from the rest of the house.

Women guests gather in a room inside the house and sometimes get to their gathering room from an outside entrance specifically assigned for female visitors.

In some parts of the Arab region men and women who are not directly blood related to each other or not married to each other don't mix. That's why there are often separate guest gathering rooms for both genders in the same house. In some Arab houses this rule of gender separation is not followed.

Some Dewaniahs open on a daily basis and others once weekly. This regular gathering is a chance for relatives, friends, and invited guests to check on each other and converse in many subjects. It is a form of socializing where people communicate the latest news about other relatives, economy, business, sports, politics, etc.

Tea, coffee, and sometimes a light snack are served.

In most Arabian & Islamic countries, the following items are forbidden by religion:

No Alcohol Alcohol
No Pork Pork
That's an insult
The sole of your feet/shoe should not point directly toward someone else

Shoes Face Down
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