"Save Face" concept

Arabian Business and Cultural Guide is a 200+ pages guide for visitors, exporters, and international traders to understand the culture, business culture, and how to do business with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and other Arab countries. Author: Mohammad Al-Sabt.
The Arabian culture is a non-confrontational one which seeks the least conflict possible. A concept called "save face" is a way to solve conflicts and avoid embarrassing or discomforting the parties involved. Saving someone's face or dignity involves using maneuvers or holding one's reactions to give the other party a way to exit the situation with minimal discomfort or harm to their dignity.

It involves compromise, patience, and sometimes looking the other way to allow things time to get back to normal. The "save face" concept is looked at as a behavior of high quality ethics and manners. The Arabian culture encourages people to act humbly and with sensitivity to a person's dignity, especially when that person's dignity and self respect is endangered.

This concept of sensitivity is not limited to extreme situations only. For example, when someone is pressuring an Arabian businessman into committing himself to a matter that is not of interest or beyond his capability, he might indirectly refuse the matter by offering to study the subject, which might be interpreted as a yes answer.

So remember, no pressure sales tactics because they cause discomfort and might associate you as a person with unpleasant presence. There is no separation between you as a person and the business you represent or conduct in the Arabian world. Business is not only business.
Save Face

"Save face" concept is a way to solve conflicts and avoid embarrassing or discomforting the parties involved.
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