Conservative behavior

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In public, Arabs behave conservatively. Display of affection between spouses is nonexistent.

It is a private society and display of ones feelings to their spouses is kept private.

You will also notice that laughter and joking in public is toned down, which is not the case in private gatherings.

Arguments between spouses, friends, and people in general are also kept private or conducted in a way that guarantees no one else is aware of it.

Issues between spouses are kept very private especially from their kids. Spousal problems are rarely shared with others even close friends.

In public, acting and appearing in a manner that may attract attention be it via loud talking, out of the ordinary clothes, hairstyles, etc; is looked upon as a sign of imbalance in behavior and character.

Although dressing and acting in a conservative manner is the norm, in recent years in few Arab countries in certain touristic areas this has changed.
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