Greeting women

Arabian Business and Cultural Guide is a 200+ pages guide for visitors, exporters, and international traders to understand the culture, business culture, and how to do business with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and other Arab countries. Author: Mohammad Al-Sabt.
When you are visiting your Arabian host's office or home and you are introduced to a female worker or a female relative of your host, in all cases you should not greet her with a kiss.

If the woman extends her hand to greet you, you may shake her hand; otherwise greeting with words only is appropriate.

Stay on the safe side and do not compliment the ladies you meet on how they dress or how they look.

It is also a good idea not to prolong your eye contact with ladies beyond the time span of the words you are directing toward them.

while in public, if you happen to run into a businesswoman that you know, you should not approach her unless she initiates it and you observe that she is comfortable with talking to you in this public environment.

In all cases, make sure that there is enough personal space between you and any woman around you; be it while walking, standing somewhere, or even when talking.


Don't compliment your Arab host/associate on the beauty of his wife or sister or daughter (it's not a compliment).
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