Pampering guests

Arabian Business and Cultural Guide is a 200+ pages guide for visitors, exporters, and international traders to understand the culture, business culture, and how to do business with Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and other Arab countries. Author: Mohammad Al-Sabt.
The Arabian culture stresses the importance of honoring guests and pampering them. The host will try his best to insure that his guests are very comfortable. The host will serve food in excessive quantities to insure that every guest will be fully satisfied.

Another custom is that the host and his sons should be the last ones to start eating as a sign of honoring the guests. Also, even if the host has actually finished eating, he will continue to act as if he is still eating until everyone else has finished. In this way, the host insures that the guests were not rushed into finishing.

If you are invited to dinner or lunch in a restaurant, it is customary that your Arabian host pay for it. It will leave a nice effect on your Arabian guest if you do the same when he visits you.

When you invite your Arabian partners, note that Muslims are forbidden by Islam from consuming alcohol or eating pork products.
"I am a Final Year Marketing student at strathclyde University in Glasgow, Scotland.

For my Dissertation, I am completing a study on how cultural differences between the West and GCC member countries affect doing business in the oil industry.

So far much of the literature I have found to be stereotypical, verging on racism, as it tends to be fairly dated.

It is refreshing to read this guide therefore, which is much more informative and realistic.

I have lived in Dubai, UAE for 10 years, and my family still does, and I find Mohammad Al-Sabt's guide informative and true to life.

Thanks very much for an interesting read."
Maureen Duffy - Scotland
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