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The majority of men in the GCC region wear a long sleeved one piece dress that covers the whole body, called a "Dishdashah" or "Thoub". This garment allows the air to circulate, which helps cool the body during the hot summer days. During summer, the Dishdashah is usually made of white cotton to reflect sunlight. In winter, the Dishdashah is made from heavier fabric such as wool and comes in darker colors. With the Dishdashah men also wear a 3-piece head cover. The bottom piece of this head covering is a white cap that is sometimes filled with holes. This cap, called "Thagiyah", is used to hold the hair in place. On top of the Thagiyah is a scarf-like head cover that comes in two types: a light, white head cover called "Gutrah" which is worn in summer, and a heavy red and white checked head cover called "Shumag" which is worn during winter.

These head covers protect the head from direct sunlight and can be used to cover the mouth and the nose during sand storms or cold weather. On top of the Thagiyah and the Gutrah is the "Ogal", which is a black band surrounding the top of the head to hold everything else in place. When male children reach puberty they are taught to wear the head covering as a sign for entering manhood. Inside the house, the head covering is not needed; when someone has guests in his house he wears it as a sign of respect.
Arabian Men's Dress
Sunny Hot Weather
The GCC countries are mostly a desert:
  • Summer, with its extreme heat ( up to 50C or 122F), sand storms, and humidity, runs from June to September.
  • Winter, with its cool weather and occasional rainfall, runs from December to February.
  • Autumn comes in October and November.
  • Spring runs from March to May.
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